Your Vulnerable Inflection Point

Ironically, most people who are considering the idea of self-employment are typically experiencing either a painful career upheaval or significant levels of enthusiasm, both highly emotional, vulnerable and dangerous inflection points, which is almost a guarantee that they will match themselves to the wrong business. And, why such shocking statistics of poor survival rates? See “Why Businesses Fail” on our website.

In an effort to relieve your current pain or respond to an untimely career circumstance, necessity for immediate income, or support your long-standing desire, eagerness and enthusiasm to own your own business, you will take decision choices into your own hands. This occurs with a reactive and relentless attitude to control people, experiences, opinions, emotions, processes, biases, gut instincts and intuitions. In the pursuit of perceived happiness (i.e., self-employment), the emotional need to control will cause you to both undermine and overlook almost everything that is needed to provide a more effective decision-making approach and strategy in matching yourself to the right business. Avoid this emotional need to control at this critical vulnerability point. Step back, take a breath and remove yourself from all emotionality, at all costs.

Inflection point is the highest level of emotion with the greatest risk of avoiding logic, evidence and fact. Matching yourself to the right business starts with a strong commitment to include intuition and analytics within our 7-Step Decision-Making Process. This will ensure that you are researching, sourcing, analyzing and matching yourself to the right business.