For some people, it’s riskier to be an employee than an entrepreneur

For some people, it’s more risky to be an employee than it is to be an entrepreneur.


What You’ll Discover in the 7-Step Decision-Making Program

Upon completion of the 7 steps, you’ll have deeper insights on the following to guide your future and maximize your income potential:

  • Is the timing right for you, your support system and your current life circumstances?
  • Should you start a new business idea or purchase a franchise, local existing business, business opportunity or franchise resale? Should your business be product- or service-based?
  • What is the most productive business environment for you? Retail, office setting, outdoors, mobile, kiosk, home-based?
  • What is the maximum number of employees that will match your management experience?
  • What 3 customer segments are you best suited to serve?
  • What are the top 3 industries that align with your natural gifts, experience and personal interests?
  • Which industry best fits your passion, values, life circumstances, annual income, equity, lifestyle and retirement goals?
  • What percentage of your total net worth will you be investing in a business?
  • Should you be the sole owner-operator, manage-the-manager or an investor?
  • To start your business, should you supplement, transition, replace or completely break away from your current corporate career?
  • What is your marketing DNA – a hunter or a gatherer? What is the marketing DNA of the business?

Making the wrong business ownership decision is costly in terms of time and money, and difficult to recover from. This model offers a logical and structured method of decision-making to help ensure that your business endeavor succeeds, improves your overall lifestyle and provides personal fulfillment.

Step 1 Getting it Right the First Time

Matching yourself to the wrong business is the root cause of business failure. Committing to a decision-making plan provides valuable information that equips you to make smart choices that are not solely based on your emotions, circumstances and vulnerability. It helps prevent catastrophic financial mistakes before you begin a business and enables you to launch on a solid foundation.

Step 2 Passion vs. Profit

Through self-examination, MatchRight helps you discover your true passion – which includes your talent, interests and experiences. Then we begin to unite this passion with your well-intended profit motives of owning a successful business. Our goal is to match you with a vocation, which offers much deeper satisfaction than simply owning a business to get a paycheck.

Step 3 Why Be an Entrepreneur?

Becoming an entrepreneur is a risk for some and security for others. You need to assess why you want to be self-employed and how suited you are to being self-employed versus being an employee at a company. MatchRight helps you understand the opportunities and risks of having your own business in light of your character traits, motive and skill sets.  

Step 4 Business Format Choice

When you determine self-employment is the right career path for you, the next step is to understand the major differences between a new business idea, independent business, local existing business, franchise and franchise resale and how you match to the advantages and disadvantages of each business format. MatchRight takes you through this process and recommends the best opportunities for your success. 

Step 5 Working Capital Requirements

Working capital is the fuel necessary to drive the business engine, and as such, must be protected at all costs. Businesses often fail because of too little working capital. To foster success, MatchRight helps you understand how much working capital you’ll need, how to allow room for error, net worth match, business loan match and break-even analysis before you launch your business.

Step 6 Management Capacity

Businesses live and die on leadership and management. Entrepreneurs must excel in managing marketing, sales, operations, customer service, employee development and financial functions of their business. You can choose to be an owner-operator providing the core technical skills of marketing, sales and service to your customers, or a manage-the-manager approach, hiring and supervising the employees who will be performing marketing, sales and service procedures for the business. MatchRight analyzes your personality, career experience, interests and unique technical skill sets to match you to your ideal management capacity for success.

Step 7 Marketing “Get It” Factor

MatchRight’s marketing “get it” factor is knowing and understanding your proven and tested personal marketing and sales DNA, and then matching this DNA to the unique and specific marketing and sales requirements of a particular business. This dramatically increases the success and profit probability of your business.

Final Matching Report

Your customized matching report specifically outlines your results and features important details that can make or break your future. These include suitable industries, the proper amount to invest, the best business format choice and more. Your MatchRight advisor will review this comprehensive resource with you and answer any questions you may have.

MatchRight Satisfaction Guarantee
Your success is our success! At any point up to Step 4, if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your initial enrollment fee, with the condition that you provide honest feedback so that MatchRight can continue to evolve successfully.

Getting Started

This program is conducted one-on-one over Zoom for maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness. We’ll take you through each step at your convenience over a period of 2 to 4 weeks. Scheduling is flexible.

Each step is approximately 45 minutes, and explores a different topic, such as management, marketing, passion vs. profit and more.

Every video session runs about 1.5 to 2.5 hours and covers 2 to 3 steps. At the end of each session, you’ll receive a questionnaire to conduct a personal assessment about what was discussed.

Immediately following the 3 sessions, we’ll review all of your self-assessments and create a final matching report. We’ll discuss this final report and potential next steps at a 30-minute session.

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