Navigating Your Entrepreneur Options

Next Steps

At the completion of the MatchRight program, together we will celebrate your commitment to making the best decision. 

If you determine that it is NOT the right time to start a business, purchase a franchise or buy an existing business for sale, you have saved yourself the potential financial and emotional hardship that comes with a life-altering decision-making mistake. The greatest ROI is your exploring, learning and confirming that NOW is not the ideal season to launch a business.

However, if you are ready to take the next step in starting a new business or purchasing a franchise, business opportunity or local existing business for sale, MatchRight offers additional consulting services and business resources to guide you. 

Consulting, Advisory and Placement Services

As you begin your entrepreneurial journey, we’ll look at your previously matched industry, customer segment, business format, business environment, capital requirements, management capabilities and marketing DNA and guide you through one of the following:

  1. If your business format match is a franchise or an existing business to purchase, we’ll assist you in identifying the best ones that match your criteria, and the appropriate prices to pay for them. We’ll evaluate local businesses for sale, independent businesses, franchises and lower-cost business opportunities.
  1. If your business format match is launching a new business idea, we’ll help identify the best one by doing competitive analysis and research, along with sharing insights into feasibility, strategic and operating plan development and financial pro formas to identify your break-even point and profitability.

In both cases, MatchRight also provides practical advice on legal formation, type of business entity, business plan development, obtaining financing, insurance and other procedures for your launch.

Furthermore, our strategic advisors can guide you through streamlined, cost-effective, weekly pre-opening “Track to Open” processes, including accounting set-up, real estate construction, hiring employees and more. This important foundational work is critical to a successful launch and to set yourself up to thrive.

Note that we are completely devoted to best serving your needs, and are not manipulated by or beholden to any organization to match you with a business. As an independent, private company, we proudly serve as your personal representative/intermediary with the highest integrity and absolutely no external pressure to sell you anything.

Contact MatchRight at connect@matchrightadvisors.com to continue crafting your future.