Thinking About Business Ownership? We Help You Land on Solid Ground.

Our 7 Step Decision-Making Certification Program will increase your chances of success by examining your passions, finances, experience, support system, and goals in order to a) determine if business ownership is right for you and b) match you to the right type of business if it is.

Why Do Businesses Fail?

We often think it’s due to undercapitalization, a bad concept, increased competition or poor management skills, but the biggest reason starts in the initial decision-making process and matching ourselves to the wrong business. This decision is often based on gut instinct alone while ignoring evidence and logic.

Our 7 Step Program Offers Guard Rails and Minimizes Risk

Our process helps you step back, take a breath, and remove yourself from emotionality. We offer needed guard rails and minimize risk for any entrepreneurial endeavor you take on. By the end, you’ll uncover blind spots and have answers to important questions like:

  • Is the timing right for you?
  • Do I start a new business idea or purchase a franchise or existing business?
  • What’s the best business environment for me? Retail vs. Office Setting vs. Outdoors vs. Home Based, etc.
  • How many employees will match my management experience?
  • What are the top 3 industries that align with my natural gifts, and experience?
  • What percentage of my total net worth will I be investing in a business?
  • Should I be the sole owner operator or start a business with employees?
  • Do I have the support system in place needed to succeed?
  • What is my own marketing DNA? Am I more a hunter or gatherer?
  • How do I transition from my employment into a new business without starting out from behind?

Final Matching Report

This will all coalesce in a matching report with about a dozen items that can literally make or break your future. It includes suitable industries, the proper amount to invest, the best business format choice, and a lot more. Isn’t it worth a small investment to save you years of your life and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars on the wrong business fit for you?



"I was ready to take the leap but unsure of the initial steps to make the transition… The program got me to put on paper the various options I was considering. It crystalized everything to help me make an informed, high-quality decision about which direction to take." Read more.

Mark D (Finance Industry)

“This program is like pre-marital counseling for business ownership. It’s not about treating and managing the symptoms of business problems after the fact. It’s about preventing the problems from happening in the first place. It should be the first stop for anyone who has ever dreamed of owning their own business." Read more.

Jake L (Grad Student)

"This is not a cookie-cutter approach. The course results are individualized based on my answers. Not only did it help determine what type of business is most suitable, but it also required an internal examination of myself. All things considered, I’m thankful I discovered MatchRight before I invested my time, money and emotional resources in a venture that is not right for me!" Read more.

Barbara K (Business Professional)