Our clients are not prospects, but aspiring entrepreneurs we serve to protect.

Our Clients

Let’s take a deeper look into the types of people that may be attracted to our program. Maybe you’ll find yourself in here.

Millenials (Approximately 20 to 30 Years of Age)
Maybe you’ve completed high school, vocational school, or university. You’re expected to hit the ground running and climb the corporate ladder, when, by nature, you may possess an entrepreneurial DNA gene. While you might think you can’t afford to start a new business venture upon your graduation, there are actually hundreds of low-cost business ideas and funding sources at your disposal. You don’t have to keep your life’s dream in a briefcase. You can become a millionaire by the time you are 30 (IF it’s the right match)!

The Wannapreneur (Approximately 31 to 40 Years of Age)
You’re likely at a transition point in your life at which a) you have an immediate need to earn income, b) you recently inherited some money or c) you’ve just always had a desire to own your own business. Maybe you’ve had some jobs, and you’re now ready to take the leap. You could be anyone from a husband and wife team to someone who’s simply tired of the 9 to 5 grind. You might even be saving for your first home, and this desire to be your own boss is gaining momentum. You’ve always had a passion and dream about self-employment, but have never had the capital, confidence or ability to strike out on your own. Well, that’s about to change.

Outplaced Executive (Approximately 41 to 50 Years of Age)
You may have a decent net worth, but for one reason or another, you’re no longer in the workforce. Maybe your position was cut through a merger or acquisition, downsizing or a catastrophic event. You may have accepted an early buy-out, retired or left your corporate position due to things like travel, health, family or unwillingness to relocate. You may feel, “It’s the second half of my life, and I need to do it now.” Corporate politics is tiresome, and for the last 20 years, you wanted to be self employed, but your life circumstances have just prevented you from sinking your teeth into your own self-employed project.

Senior Executive (Approximately 50 to 65 Years of Age)
Time is running out! There’s an urgency to realize that, if you do not act now, then you may never get another chance to capture the dream of owning your own business. As you get older, you convince yourself that you’re too old to take risks because you have too much to lose. But then, you realize that the best defense is a better offense. In fact, you are completely on top of your game. Our society is redefining the concept of retiring at 65. It is time to take a bold leap of faith in yourself!

United States Immigrants:
Maybe you recently relocated and found that due to language and cultural barriers, finding employment is not really an option for you. Like so many immigrants, you decide to make your own way with a strong work ethic to make almost any business profitable.

The Celebrity/Athlete:
You may have even accumulated a substantial amount of net worth, but you don’t have the fortune of a superstar that allows you to live off of your investments indefinitely. So you need to invest in opportunities that will allow you to continue to live the lifestyle you’re used to. And you likely are a competitor, so if you were a winner in the field of entertainment or sports, you may be looking for new challenges.

And it’s possible you don’t fit into any of these client types. You may be an existing entrepreneur who has owned a business in the past or currently, and you want to find a better match for yourself.