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Q: Who is MatchRight’s program designed for?
A: MatchRight’s program is designed for anyone looking to start a business or in transition, including recent graduates, Millennials, Wannapreneurs, outplaced and senior executives, U.S. immigrants, celebrities, athletes and people seeking a fresh start.

Q: How does MatchRight’s 7-Step Decision-Making Program reduce financial risk for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

A: This one-of-a-kind program reduces risk by considering factors like passion, finances, experience and goals to guide participants through a customized decision-making process and help them make a choice that aligns with their financial capabilities and interests.

Q: How does MatchRight’s program help entrepreneurs make better decisions?

A: Many businesses fail because the initial decision is based on gut instinct alone – rather than critical success factors – which results in a mismatch between the owner and the business. The MatchRight program equips participants with a customized and comprehensive decision-making process and tools that enable them to make decisions that align with their unique circumstances, thereby reducing the risk of failure and maximizing the opportunity for success.

Q: How can MatchRight’s program help first-time entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls?

A: The program provides 1-on-1 structured guidance, expert advice and a customized report that considers each participant’s unique situation. By completing the program, participants benefit from insights and education that help choose the best fit to succeed and mitigate common risks associated with starting a business.

Q: How does MatchRight’s customized report help reduce risk?

A: The comprehensive report considers factors like passions, finances, experience, support system and goals to suggest suitable industries, the best business format and the proper amount to invest. Our advisors review the report with participants to guide them to make well-informed decisions that align with their unique situation to maximize success and reduce risk.

Q: What expertise do MatchRight’s certified strategic advisors offer?

A: MatchRight’s certified strategic advisors are experienced entrepreneurs that provide expert insights, valuable guidance and customized support to maximize success and reduce risk. All have completed rigorous training and are dedicated to protecting and equipping first-time entrepreneurs. 

Q: How have previous participants benefited from MatchRight’s program?

A: See what some of our former participants have said about their experience in our Testimonials.

Q: How long does it take to complete the 7-Step Decision-Making Program?

A: The program usually takes 2-4 weeks, comprised of 7 hours of 1-on-1 Zoom calls scheduled at your convenience with certified strategic advisors.

Q: What if I enroll in the program and don’t think it’s a good fit?

A: MatchRight removes your risk with our money-back guarantee. At any point up to Step 4, if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your enrollment fee. We ask for your feedback for the benefit of future entrepreneurs.

Q: Does MatchRight offer any free resources?
A: Check out our video that provides valuable insights and information on reducing risks and succeeding as a business owner.

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