It crystalized everything to help me make an informed, high-quality decision.


I recommend MatchRight for anyone who is considering a change in their career. This is not a cookie-cutter approach. The course results are individualized based on my answers.

Not only did this course help determine what type of business is most suitable, but it also required an internal examination of myself. This course is helpful to guide anyone to the right business or assist in other decisions such as opening a new location, offering a new product or service under a different brand.

Even though, I have been in business for over 30 years I found this course to be invaluable as I considered expanding my business. I needed an objective appraisal of myself, and my business type and this course was it. I saw myself and my business from a perspective I had not explored previously.

This course helped me answer questions that I didn’t know I needed to ask. It required me to take a hard look at my likes and dislikes about the type of work I wanted to do and how much I effort I was willing to expend on this new idea.

This course helped me examine my commitment to a new endeavor, the amount of time and financial resources it would require all within the parameters of my current status.

Most notably, I learned that that I did not want to invest resources in this new business. I was surprised and relieved when I received the feedback at the end of the sessions.

All things considered, I’m thankful I discovered MatchRight before I invested my time, money and emotional resources in a venture that is not right for me!

Barbara K. (Business Professional, Alabama)

I was hesitant to take this program at first because I thought I knew the best business path for me already, but still, I felt stuck, and I wasn’t taking any action. After reading through the website and having an introductory call with the advisor, I took a leap of faith and signed up. Within the first few sessions, I quickly realized what a great decision it was as my pre-conceived perceptions about entrepreneurship were definitely in need of some re-tooling.

In many ways, I liken the whole process to pre-marital counseling for business ownership.  It’s not about treating and managing the symptoms of business problems after the fact. It’s about getting to the root cause – to prevent the problems from happening in the first place.  Each of the 7 steps delve into a different topic, and the slides help support what the advisor is saying, but one of the key benefits was my own personal assessment after each session. The working capital step was particularly helpful as I had to figure out my expenses, my net worth and the risk factors associated with the amount I’m willing to invest. I also probably underestimated the importance of my management experience as I hadn’t given that much thought when deciding the type of business that was best for me.

In the end, I felt relieved to know that while business ownership is indeed a good fit for me, now may be not be the best time to pursue it, and I should likely wait a bit for my situation to change and more options open up to me.  A huge weight was then lifted from my shoulders as I no longer felt the pressure to act immediately.  It was an incredibly valuable investment of my time, and I think the program should be the first stop for anyone who has ever dreamed of owning their own business.  It will likely give them the push they need to make the best decision possible.

Jake L. (Grad Student, Missouri)

This program came at a good time. I had been fully employed for my whole work life but came to the realization that being an employee gave me a false sense of security. “Downsizing” and related corporate activities meant it was only a matter of time until I became under-employed or unemployed. With my own business I’d be in control of my destiny, and I wanted that.

I was ready to take the leap but unsure of the initial steps to make the transition. I didn’t know the best industry sector match or if I should pursue a new business idea, a franchise, or an existing business. I needed guidance.

The program helped me by forcing me to put on paper the various options I was considering. It crystalized everything to help me make an informed, high-quality decision about which direction to take.

A key value add was self-examination and a re-think of my beliefs about myself. I thought the range of appropriate choices was essentially open ended. After the program I realized that I had to rule out those that did not match my business DNA, and it was a larger group than I thought it would be. It informed me before I made a costly mistake and re-enforced the idea that more informed decision-making leads to better outcomes.

By the end of the 7 Steps, with the help of my advisor, I had fewer questions and more confidence in my journey. I recommend the program for anyone who is considering business ownership.

Mark D. (Finance Industry, California)

This course was informational, yet light and user friendly. It kept my interest without losing concentration. I particularly enjoyed the interaction and questions raised by their charismatic instructor. It makes you think critically with ‘what if’ scenarios at every turn, keeping you engaged.

The content is thorough and informational. It goes over the different types of businesses available and explains their characteristics and differentiators. The sessions are organized and spaced in a way that one can absorb the material with a few days in between to think about what was learned and formulate a few questions for the next session.

Overall, I think it is a great value if you’re on your way to becoming your own boss or simply want to learn more to achieve work independence in the future. Most importantly, it is worth the money, as it provides clarity to get to know yourself within a business format that might not be suitable or conversely a welcomed and viable path to success.

Thank you, MatchRight.

Mariola N. (Sales Executive, Los Angeles)