We help you develop a Decision-Making Plan BEFORE a Business Plan.

Our Team

The spark that ignited MatchRight came from one of our founders trying to correct a problem. He had been helping people launch small businesses for over 25 years, and he had seen firsthand all the horror stories – most of which could have been avoided. He had an aha moment that regardless of who they were – none of the aspiring business owners were following a gold standard of decision making.

It was so disturbing to see life savings get lost, that he started researching. He found that while other organizations helped with how to incorporate, how to get a loan or how to write a business plan, none of them addressed the most important thing of all – high quality decision making for new entrepreneurs.

So over a decade long period, with the help of various advisors, he developed a program to do just that. The result is a 7 Step Business Matching Certification (completed either in person or over Zoom) which aims to convert the struggling new business owner to a successful one.

To execute the program and guide participants through it, he gathered a small team of other experienced entrepreneurs and business executives in various categories. All of these MatchRight certified strategic advisors have gone through a rigorous training process and are dedicated to the same value system of protecting first time entrepreneurs.