Empowering Entrepreneurs to Excel

Our Team

The spark that ignited MatchRight came from one of our founders trying to correct a common problem. As he helped people launch small businesses for more than 25 years, he’d seen too many horror stories – most of which could have been avoided. That led to an aha moment that aspiring business owners were not following a gold standard of decision-making prior to starting.

Disturbed to see people struggling and losing their life savings, he started researching. While other organizations taught entrepreneurs how to incorporate, get a loan or write a business plan, none addressed what was most important – smart decision-making for new entrepreneurs.

With the input of other business advisors, he spent a decade developing a program to guide entrepreneurs at the beginning to reduce risk and maximize success. The MatchRight 7-Step Business Matching Certification is one of a kind in providing valuable guidance that aims to decrease business failure and increase satisfaction, fulfillment and profitability.

A small team of experienced entrepreneurs and business executives run the program as certified strategic advisors. All have completed a rigorous training process and are dedicated to protecting and equipping first-time entrepreneurs.