Navigating Your Entrepreneur Options

Phase 2 – Pre-Launch or Acquisition

Pre-Launch or Acquisition:

Once you’ve completed the MatchRight 7-Step Decision-Making Certification Program and entrepreneurship is the next step, you can continue to the next step. In Phase 2, we’ll look at your previously matched industry, customer segment, business format, business environment, capital requirements, management capabilities and marketing DNA and guide you through one of the following:

a) If your business format match was a franchise or an existing business to purchase, we’ll assist you in identifying the best ones which match your criteria, and the appropriate prices to pay for such businesses. We’ll evaluate local businesses for sale, independent businesses, franchises and lower-cost business opportunities.

b) If your business format match is launching a new business idea, we’ll help identify the best one by doing competitive analysis and research, along with sharing insights into feasibility, strategic and operating plan development and financial pro formas to identify your breakeven point and profitability.

In both cases, MatchRight also provides practical advice on legal formation, type of business entity, business plan development, obtaining financing, insurance and other procedures for your launch.

This program is only available to participants who have completed Phase 1. Costs are on an hourly basis with a minimum of 10 hours to start. Contact us at connect@matchrightadvisors.com to register.